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Window Tinting Solutions

by admin on January 27, 2014

It’s extremely sunny in Australia, as any local could tell you. It’s a beautiful place to live and most of the time the sun is great, but it does get bothersome at times. I keep thinking that if I could find a way to put window tinting on my house like I have in my car then it wouldn’t be a problem. I could enjoy the beautiful sun without it being too overwhelming inside my home.

As it turns out there is a place to get window tinting in Melbourne, right where I live! A place called Window Energy Solutions sells a variety of different window tints, films, and other energy saving products. I came across this site one day while I was browsing the internet: http://www.windowenergysolutions.com.au/window-film/window-tinting They have exactly what you need if you want to make it a bit shadier and cooler in your house.

I went looking for a place that does window tinting in Melbourne so I would be able to escape the bright sun when retreating inside my house, but I found so much more than that with Window Energy Solutions. My utility bills have gone down, my home is more comfortable, and my house even looks nicer! Who knew simple window tinting could do so much?

Window tints are practical, there’s a whole list of reasons why Window Energy Solution’s window tinting is the right thing to purchase.

  • They reduce heating and cooling bills by up to 80% by helping your home hold it’s temperature.

  • They reduce glare.

  • They increase your privacy; no curtains needed!

  • They offer tinted safety film which will decrease the chance of your window breaking by over 60%

  • Window tinting reduces harmful UV rays from reaching your skin.



Creating A New School With Window Film

by admin on January 17, 2014

My son just moved across the entire world, to New York City … well, Brooklyn

if you want to be exact, to start up a brand new school in a really impoverished

area of the city. It’s his love, to help children realise their ability to do have a good

life, and he wants them to know that there are people out there, like him, who are

there to support them. I’m so proud of him, but it doesn’t make it any easier to

watch him leave for a new life thousands of miles away.

Nonetheless, he calls regularly, and tells me about all the ups and downs he

faces at the new school. One such issue he’s faced is that NYC summers

are fierce, and while fall is approaching for them, the classroom he’s in is so

unbearable, and there is no air conditioning available, since the school can’t

afford it.

So, while he’s telling me how the children are shifting in their seats and sweating

to death, I got this wonderful idea – why not send my son a few rolls of window

 film, which, studies show, help to lower the temperature of rooms because

of the amount of UV rays that are cut down. So I bought him a few rolls from this

trusted dealer here in Melbourne, and attached a little slip of paper on it that said:

look at this site. I then added the URL to the firm from which I purchased this

material. On that site it not only shows my son all the added benefits of window film, but it

also shows him a nice step-by-step process for installing the tint himself. In fact,

on the note I wrote that it could make a good classroom project for his students,

because there’s the use of math, science, and good old elbow grease. We’ll see

how he responds when I hear from him next week.

Concrete Edging Is Perfect For Your Lawn

by admin on January 13, 2014

Landscaping is something that most people love when it looks nice, but if it doesn’t look nice no one really cares. Concrete garden edging is a simple way to make your lawn look 100 times better. It gives your yard definition and color and lasts a long time. The great thing concrete edging is that it does not require much maintenance and can be very affordable.

A professional landscaping company can install garden edging very easily. They know what they are doing and they can you determine what color and type of concrete is best for your yard. A company can also give you a free quote about how much they think the installation will cost. The great thing about consultations are, they are free and can give you an idea of what your lawn will cost and what it will look like after they have finished.

Concrete edging can enhance the look of your lawn and add value to your home. Concrete garden edging is also the better choice because plastic and metal can move around and metal edging tends to rust. When you use state of the art edging you are getting the best bang for your buck. You will not need to keep up with regular maintenance or have to worry about your edging doing harm to your lawn.

Garden edging is perfect for every home because there are many different varieties. There are two different types of edging profiles on is a more subtle sloping profile or there is a bolder border profile that provides a stronger statement.There are six different kinds of garden edging patterns that are suitable for all kinds of environments and lastly there are 14 different colors to choose from, this will make matching your home or your pre-established edging easy.

Think about installing garden edging in your lawn for a functional, effective, beautiful, and long-lasting improvement to your property or home. Call a professional landscaper such as Hills Kerbs to give you a free estimation and to do the final installation. Don’t wait any longer to have a beautiful yard, install concrete edging and have the most fabulous lawn on your street.

Garden Edging Is The Easiest Way To Spruce Up Your Yard

by admin on January 10, 2014

Garden edging is the easiest way to spruce up your yard and make it look professional and well taken care of. Concrete edging adds value to your home and enhances your garden. You can optimize your garden edging by picking the profiles, patterns and colors. Concrete garden edging will give your garden beds and lawn areas distinction and help them stand out.

Don’t use a boring old generic timber or brick edging that requires continuous maintenance when you could have a Hills Kerbs landscaping expert create a distinctive look just for you! They are the best in the business because they offer an extensive range of profiles, patterns and colours to complement any home and any kind of style whether it be conventional or daring.

Another great aspect of this company is that they allow you to get a quote online by putting in the information on your lawn and what you want it to look like. This is a great way to see if you can afford what you want to have done and get a rough idea of what your lawn could look like.

Hill Kerbs are the best choice because they have proof of their success on their website. Their concrete is not harmful to the environment and lasts a long period time. They only use state of the art garden edging technology that prevents the formation of drying and shrinkage cracks.

Garden concrete edging is a simple way to draw attraction to your yard. It can be done inexpensively and you can let an expert landscaper like Hill Kerbs do all of the work for you. You also will not need to keep up the maintenance as often as you would with anything else because their products are extremely durable and you can trust their company.

Hill Kerbs has more than 15 years experience of garden edging and getting the job done right. They are also Sydney’s premier supplier of concrete, concrete coatings, concrete curbing and garden edging products. If you have a landscaping job and do not know who to go, then I suggest Hill Kerbs. They are known for their quality concrete and professionalism.

My Garden Needed Concrete Edging

by admin on December 23, 2013

A few years ago we built a beautiful garden in our front lawn. I plant new flowers in it every year and keep up with it throughout the gardening season. This year I want to add something to it and I’ve been considering concrete edging. A friend of mine showed me her new and improved garden, complete with concrete edging. It gives it a cleaner and more put together look. I told her it almost looked like she’d paid a landscaping company a lot of money. She assured me that the prices of the place she went were very reasonable, but their work was worth a lot. I told my husband about my concrete edging idea and he said we’d consider it, depending on the price, of course.

I went online to www.hillskerbs.com and showed my husband their amazing prices and pictures of their work. He agreed quickly and set up an appointment for them to come take a look at my garden. I’m glad my friend showed me her concrete edging or I never would have considered doing it to my own garden.

If you’re in need of something like concrete edging around your garden, playground, or even lining your driveway then take a look at Hills Kerbs. They have great prices and workmanship that is top quality.

At the Pub With My Window Film

by admin on December 18, 2013

After work I tend to go over to the local pub to hang out with the regulars who

seem to be there every day, every night. Come to think of it, they probably think

the same thing about me. But anyways, I like to go to the pub to unwind from my

day at work, and possibly catch a game if one’s on TV.

The other day I was at the pub having an argument – like usual – with one of the

regulars, when I told him to look out the window and see if he could figure out if

that was a man or a woman who was there.

He laughed at me because of my stupidity – he told me later. You see, boy (he

likes to call me boy), you can’t see through that window because it’s thermal

window film.

I said what? What’s thermal window film. He took out his phone, which was much

nicer than I thought it’d be for a guy like him, and he said “check out this site,

thermal window film.”

So, I did what I was told – I checked out the site and learned that thermal window

film does, in fact, make things darker. But why, I asked my bar friend, would this

pub want to use thermal window film. Again he shook his head. Firstly, he said,

the added privacy is needed. But it also helps keep the heat out and the cool in,

meaning this pub saves money on electricity.

If that’s the case, I said, why do I pay so much for my beers? Good question, he

said. Good question. But in the end I don’t mind that the beers cost what they do.

I come here for the conversation, and my window film conversation happened to

be one of my most favourite.

There’s only one tint

by admin on December 18, 2013

There are a lot of people out there who are looking for the best price for

everything. Heck, it’s basically everyone, even the rich folks. No matter if you’re

made of money, you’re not opposed to finding ways to spend less of it. However,

here’s a strange phenomenon that’s been happening in recent years. The quality

of products has dropped considerably, as the demand for lower prices has


We don’t like that one bit. Nope, thank you very much. Here at WES, we offer

you some incredibly low window tinting prices. In fact, more often that not, our

prices are lower than anyone else’s on the market. However, sometimes other

people have lower prices. That’s okay with us, because we know in the end our

product quality is beyond comparison. Think of it like this, what good is a really

cheap window tint, if you have to replace that tint every year or two?

With WES, our tint is long lasting and is of the highest grade. As a result, we

can’t always guarantee the lowest prices. We can, however, guarantee that in the

long run, you’ll spend far less on our tint than you will if you go elsewhere.

Window tint is a home improvement investment that will actually increase the

value of your home. It just so happens that window tint is far less expensive

than most other home improvement projects. Regardless, you wouldn’t go with

second-grade flooring, would you? No, you’d want the best. The same goes for

your window tint. Get the best, which you can get with us, WES. We provide the

largest variety of tint on the market and even will gladly custom design tint for you

and your needs. Our goal is your satisfaction. That’s how we get satisfied. Any

questions, feel free to contact us directly .

Why Use Window Film?

by admin on December 16, 2013

There comes a time in every family’s life when you have to make something out of nothing. Unless, of course, you’re one of the that famed 1% who doesn’t have to worry about money, you’ve had to make something out of nothing – no doubt. So, in what way can you find the extra resources necessary in order to ensure your family never has to go without? I stumbled upon this website last week - http://www.windowenergysolutions.com.au/window-film/why-use-window-film - which showed me a clever way to save money while simultaneously adding value to my largest investment – my home. I’ve wanted to find a way to add value to my home, because my wife and I have this 10 year plan, where in a decade we plan on selling our home to make a killing for our son’s college fund. University is expensive, and we’re not about to use money as an excuse to not allow my son to go to any school he wants to go to. So, the best way to tackle this issue is to use our home as our largest investment. But about a few years ago the house bubble popped all over the world, and our value began to drop. We were suddenly scrambling to find ways to add value to our home, but all of our choices cost too much money – like room additions, new flooring, and new windows. It was when we were looking at new windows that we discovered the magic that is known as window film. Window film is so unbelievably affordable, yet adds a great deal of value to your home. Film not only is a great asset for the long run; however, it also provides instant benefit. You’ll feel the difference immediately in the temperature levels in each and every room.

For Privacy and More

by admin on December 16, 2013

One of the reasons why people become homeowners is because they really want that level of privacy that’s only available to homeowners. Renters are often cramped in apartment buildings, and also can’t make significant changes or alterations to their home without someone else’s consent. Homeowners, on the other hand, have far more freedom, and far more privacy.

But just because you buy a home doesn’t mean that you get an instant level of privacy. There are some things you need, and will want, to do in order to enjoy this privacy. For example, some people get a fence for their yard, which, while certainly effective, is often pricy. However, one home improvement project that’s not expensive, is the WES window film project. The WES window film project is brought to you buy the folks at Window Energy Solutions, who sell the most prestigious, yet affordable DIY window film on the market.

There’s something alluring and gorgeous about window film, particularly the kind sold by WES. Yes, they have the typical opaque darkened tint, but they have so much more as well. They have designs that work for pre-schools, frosted tint for corporate offices, and even clever designs and shapes for anyone who wants to think outside the box, and outside the tint.

Installing tint into your new home is relatively easy, so much so that you don’t have to hire an installer. You can certainly do it yourself if you have the time (an afternoon) and the patience. It also helps to have someone else there to assist you with many of the steps along the way. But, if you can’t do it yourself, you can also ask the folks at WES and they’ll offer their services. In the end, the goal is to get privacy, and that’s what you’ll get with your window film. Good luck with your new home!

Pro’s and Con’s of Home Renovation

by admin on December 2, 2013


1. You get a new space that is fit exactly to your needs and specifications.

2. You get to have a new and larger space without having to move.

3. You can accommodate whatever new person or thing in your life prompted this want to renovate.

4. Having a new space that fits your life and needs is proven to improve mood and productivity in the home.


1. Not everyone in the home or family may like the idea of the remodel.

2. There will be a lot of hassle and stress during the renovation.

3. Strange people will be in your home for the entire time the renovation is happening.

4. Tempers can run high during times like these.

5. For a portion of this time parts of your house will be taken apart or unusable; you have to go through chaos in order to get what you want in the end.

So, there are about an equal number of pros and cons. You just have to look at both lists and find out if you can deal with the bad in order to get the good.